BriteBanc’s "Smart Wallet Technology", Supporting Fiat and Crypto
is rocking the $215 Billion plus emerging Altcoin Banking Industry

Because BriteBanc’s Smart Wallet technology communicates with the bank to facilitate interest payments (among other things) Smart Wallets introduce a new concept to the blockchain – Namely Oversight.
The functionality incorporated into a CapCoin makes it an actual “Utility Token” capable of representing an owner’s relationship with the bank. BriteBanc aims to introduce this functionality to the marketplace and entice established banks to... adopt the technology as they enter the crypto space.
Our International Debit card has the ability to draw funds from over 10 crypto currencies! This is an industry first, offered exclusively by BriteBanc! Smart Contracts, Proprietary Smart Wallets, KYC/AML instant validation Giving Altcoin Owners Greater Freedom and Control!.
Brite Bank provides enhanced security, ease of use, and a security protocol that uses data provided by Smart Wallets to enhance security of wallet balances. And it's found nowhere else..

BriteBanc LTD, A Licensed International Retail Bank

BriteBanc Is catering to the crypto community around the world.

BriteBanc is changing the way retail banking is done.
Account holders can earn interest on their Crypto in a decentralized Smart Wallet
while still being able to access it just like a regular bank.

We have bridged the gap between Fiat and Crypto
Earn Interest on your Crypto,


YES! In BriteBanc’s model, we take advantage of digital currency to make changes to the paradigm. With Crypto, a physical deposit is no longer required. If CapCoins are “committed” to us, we can leverage those funds as if they were physically deposited into an account.



Stable, Reliable and Secure Banking Services Now Coming to Crypto.

Security risks.

The crypto marketplace has been affected by a very large number of hacks and breaches that have resulted in millions of stolen tokens representing billions of dollars of lost funds from traders, miners, and other participants. Mainstream adoption will be limited until a security solution becomes widespread.

Limited regulations.

The crypto marketplace has been affected by a large number of scams, including ponzi schemes and questionable investments that have eroded the fortunes of participants. As with any new financial instrument or marketplace, it takes time for legislators to “catch-up” with issues affecting potential victims.


The large majority of people are risk adverse, unlike the existing crypto speculators who deal with the daily ups and downs of this market. (Many people would prefer to earn interest in a stable investment instead of engaging in the “gamble” of trading between cryptos, only to lose principal on a daily basis.)

Brite Banc's Phone App will Deliver the FREEDOM that The Crypto Marketplace has been demanding, Plus Adding the User Friendly and Robust Products that Retail Banks have provided us in this Rapidly Growing Marketplace!

Addressing the Barriers

BriteBanc aims to address these barriers with a better and more robust retail offering aimed at the crypto community. In addition, The Company is rolling-out new revolutionary technology which implements needed functionality, security, and operational simplification in the space.

Streamlined KYC Validation

Although operating on a decentralized and distributed blockchain, a new set of rules protects the participants, taking an important step in self-regulation to protect the entire network/economy. Crypto purchase hurdles will be eliminated. Streamlined KYC Validation results will be stored on the blockchain with a token owned by each individual consumer. This system will create a standard that will be used industry wide with shared tokens offering instant KYC/AML validation across numerous transactions and vendors.

Web & App Platform

Because BriteBanc is an actual financial institution, it desires to bridge the blockchain gap left empty with no central authority. Through new proprietary Smart Wallet technology, blockchain KYC solutions, specialized Smart Contracts and the CapCoin token, BriteBanc provides the key cryptographic and operational components to the ecosystem that enable retail banking. Although it makes it possible to bring the everyday functions of “fiat banking” to the blockchain, it goes further by enhancing token ownership - allowing token owners to participate in the management of their portfolio. In addition, Smart Wallets enable payments (by BriteBanc) to token owners based on the choices they make about their tokens. A dividend would be a simple example.
Smart Wallets
Through new proprietary Smart Wallet technology, blockchain KYC solutions, specialized Smart Contracts and the CapCoin token, BriteBanc provides the key cryptographic and operational components to the ecosystem that enable retail banking. Although it makes it possible to bring the everyday functions of “fiat banking” to the blockchain, it goes further by enhancing token ownership - allowing token owners to participate in the management of their portfolio.
Escrow and Point of Sale Services
BriteBanc has developed a guaranteed-value point of sale merchant payment service that will allow vendors of large ticket items to sell products directly for crypto without concerns about crypto-market volatility. Likewise, for two or more parties looking to sell/buy crypto in larger quantities, BriteBanc also has guaranteed-value escrow services available to facilitate these transactions. These systems are positioned to bring large crypto transactions to the mainstream and service an under-supported niche in this marketplace. (Crypto millionaires.)
Payments, Savings & Investments
Any virtual currency aspires to achieve widespread and mainstream adoption. It is not far-fetched to say that many crypto enthusiasts would like their crypto currency to replace their fiat currency for retail payments, savings, investments and other instruments that fiat brings to the table. They like the value proposition that comes with crypto, but its functionality brings only a subset of what fiat provides.
Ownership Benefits
Crypto participation now goes beyond token ownership for speculation and trading. Now, decisions made about token functionality enable additional ownership benefits to be made available. (Fund allocation, dividends or payment of interest to name a few.) This function reduces volatility by building intrinsic value into the token. (Not just some perception of value driven by speculation.)



Our Mission

BriteBanc aims to revolutionize the Crypto marketplace by adding a level of security to crypto ownership, providing innovative financial products to the cyrpto conmmunity, and supporting the transactional needs of crypto enthusiasts through POS Merchant and Escrow Services.

“Our team's goal isn't quick gains. It's to change the market forever. Today, existing providers have not served the retail community effectively. Consumers still struggle simply buying bitcoin, and altcoins are not even available for a direct purchase from providers at large. BriteBanc solves that problem! ”
Mr. Brian McLane
BriteBanc brings a unique level of operational experience to the needs of the crypto/financial community. Today BriteBanc is positioning itself to become a major player in this space by offering a unique suite of financial services to crypto participants, and by innovating with a variety of blockchain enhancements that are focused on the financial industry. The first of these is a revolutionary cryptographic innovation called a “Smart Wallet”, that unlocks special features that can be made available in tokens.
Mr. Paul Nash
“BriteBanc aims to address these barriers with a better and more robust retail offering aimed at the crypto community. In addition, BriteBanc is rolling-out new revolutionary technology which implements needed functionality, security, and operational simplification in the space. BriteBanc is poised to take the market by storm, maximizing client satisfaction through exceptional and exciting new crypto financial products that combine user friendly delivery and services. Our Freedom Package of Crypto Financial Offerings eliminates the need to wait to access your funds no matter what form. Combine this with a scalable and viral product line, this is a huge opportunity in this market that is still untapped.”
Mr. Kevin Harrington
Inventor of the Infomercial
From the TV Show Shark Tank
Britebanc Advisor

Payment Process

BriteBanc’s KYC process is an independent function and sits on its own blockchain that can be shared by exchanges, banks, vendors, payment facailitators, clients or any entity that desires to acquire validated KYC/AML information. The initiation process is described in the KYC section below. As it relates to interest payments, BriteBanc aims to ensure that all of it’s customers go through the KYC process. This is true for regular depositors as well as CapCoin holders who choose to earn interest in a decentralized Smart Wallet.


BriteBanc will be creating a number of lending products that will offer secured and unsecured commercial and personal loans through an automated application process. Based on BriteBanc’s licensing expansion into additional geographical areas, the bank will also launch automotive and mortgage financing. Types of loans will include:

Lines of Credit
BriteBanc gives you the option of using online banking systems to manage YOUR DDA accounts. Users can authorize electronic withdrawals to pay bills and loans, transfer money between accounts and send money to other people. DDA account owners receive 24-hour access to their account activity and balances. BriteBanc employs cutting-edge security systems to keep depositor information protected.
Personal Loans (unsecured)
When a loan is unsecured, there is no property or collateral to “secure” or guarantee the loan. With unsecured loans, nothing specific has been pledged as collateral. This makes them a little less risky for you (the borrower) because the consequences are not as immediate if you fail to repay. Your credit is one of the most important factors that determine whether or not you’ll get an unsecured loan.
Personal Loans (secured)
Secured loans might be a good choice if you have personal assets such as equity in your home, Crypto Currency or funds in a savings account that can be used as collateral. Plus, secured loans may have lower interest rates, larger loan amounts, or better terms than unsecured loans. Keep in mind, with a secured loan, the lender can take possession of the collateral if you don't repay the loan as agreed.
Commercial Loans
Find a variety of loans to secure the capital you need, whether you’re looking to grow your business, fund a major capital purchase or finance a replacement or acquisition. We offer many solutions, including tax-credit, sponsor and equipment financing, as well as asset-backed and asset-based lending.


BriteBanc is issuing Capital Coin (CapCoin or CAP) in an STO in February 2019. The proceeds will be raised according to the following schedule:



The proceeds will be raised according to the following schedule:

Leadership Team

Because of BriteBanc’s leading-edge technology and global reach, the project has attracted a large number of world-class experts with a wide range of skills. This includes a management team with deep bank operations experience, crypto experts, technology innovators, marketing veterans, payment processing experts and most importantly, legal and fi nancial experts. We are also adding aggressively to this list, and expect to have over 100 employees by YE2018, including a complete Senior Management team, a worldwide network of Personal Bankers, Customer Service Representatives and Administrative Positions.
Paul Nash
Founder - CEO

Paul is a management professional with over 30 years of executive-level experience including high-tech CTO, Chairman and CEO positions. Paul started his career in banking, managing automated delivery systems for a $40 billion bank in the US. He went on to start a fi nancial technology firm and has been credited with creating the first touchscreen ATM, and the first ATM with sound and voice response for the visually impaired. Paul also founded a global couponing company, and the first large scale video streaming company responsible for putting traditional television programming on the Internet to watch on PCs. He’s managed one of the largest network build-outs in history, and been responsible for large scale transactional software and databases. Although Paul has built a career on innovation, he also has a strong financial background, raising over $400 million for his projects and bringing one public. He has been involved in crypto since 2013, both on the software side and then in trading. He created BriteBanc’s IP portfolio and plans to bring his technical and financial experience to establish BriteBanc to profitability.

Brian McLane
Founder - President - Business Development

Brian has been a recognized marketing and branding consultant for the past 19 years. He has been retained by some of the top companies in the sales industry for advice regarding customer acquisition and retention. He has provided guidance and counsel to thousands of sales agents sharing his knowledge and passion with those looking to achieve their goals. Prior to the advertising, marketing and branding world, Mr. McLane specialized in the financial securities space. As an investment banker managing asset backed portfolios, he understands all aspects of underwriting and risk management. With over 20 years of Executive management experience in the corporate world, Mr. McLane understands the importance of delegation and review.“Understanding the importance of surrounding yourself with quality people that have a skill set that you don’t is crucial to long term-success” says McLane.

Matthew Loughran
Chief Marketing Officer

Matthew is a highly accomplished Senior Executive and C-Suite Offi cer in the FinTech and fi nancial services industry. Matthew holds a B.S. in Biology and Marketing from Loyola University Maryland; and an Executive M.B.A. from Washington State University. He has served on boards and advisory councils for technology and blockchain based organizations. Matthew co-founded The Crypto Business Forum at NASDAQ and has served as CMO of the blockchain company Uulala. Matthew also holds multiple certifi cations in strategic board service including long-term growth, M&A strategy, cyber security, SEC compliance, strategic communications, pre-IPO planning, and financial statement interpretation. Matthew hosts an iHeart Radio syndicated show called Crypto On The Block. He is a respected regular business article contributor to Cryptovest,, CoinSpeaker, Business 2 Community, Huffington Post, Marketing Insiders and several other outlets. Matthew believes the sharing of knowledge for business plan interpretation will benefit the new entrants into the STO markets.

Frank Dicrisi
Chief Compliance Officer

C-level executive leader, Mr. Dicrisi has over eighteen years’ experience in the financial services, payments, FinTech, software development and risk management industries and a proven track record in developing and executing innovative and practical business solutions that deliver profitable long-term strategic outcomes. In addition to his experience in the payments industry, Mr. DiCrisi has worked extensively in the automotive, financial, consumer electronics, and local advertising industries, as well as worked and taught Research Methodology and Statistics at UCLA.

Kevin Harrington
Key Advisor

Kevin is the inventor of the infomercial, original Shark on Shark Tank, and pioneer of the ‘As Seen On TV’ industry. He has launched over 500 products, resulting in more than $5 Billion in sales worldwide with iconic brands. Kevin is also a co-founder of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization), and currently operates a private consulting firm where he helps companies increase distribution, analyze opportunities, build celebrity relationships, and effectively market across all channels.

John Wagster
Outside Counsel - Frost Brown Todd

John has unique experience helping U.S. companies forge cross-cultural contractual agreements around the world using industry best practices and western style contracts. John also focuses on technology-related commercial agreements with a particular interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. An essential element to his approach is to let the business terms, rather than the legal structure of a business opportunity, define the relationship. John represents blockchain developers and investors in the launching of digital tokens through Initial Coin Offerings ("ICOs"). John has extensive experience with international transactions and serves as chair of the firm's China desk. John has hands on experience with all types of software and technology agreements including: software development, licensing, subscription and reselling agreements; digital token and cryptocurrency; outsourcing (onshore and offshore) agreements; hosting agreements; private and public cloud infrastructure and application hosting; service level agreements; maintenance and support agreements; training and installation agreements; software acceptance procedures; commission agreements; data sharing and privacy agreements; IT security policies (BCP and VTA); Value Added Reseller (VAR) Agreements; Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Agreements; and open source software.


The purpose of this website is to present BriteBanc and CapCoin to potential token holders in connection with our proposed STO. The information included here is not exhaustive and does not imply any elements of a contractual relationship. The sole purpose is to provide relevant information to potential token holders in order for them to evaluate the information, and determine if a thorough analysis of the company and opportunity is warranted. Nothing in this website shall be construed to be a prospectus or a solicitation for investment. This website in no way pertains to an offering or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in any jurisdiction.


BriteBanc is packaging its Smart Contract and Smart Wallet technology for licensing to major banks worldwide. The Company will demonstrate the benefi ts of using Smart Wallet Technology with its own CapCoin STO. This technology will allow a bank to enter the retail crypto market with its own coin cryptocurrency, cater to crypto enthusiasts and increase assets through growing deposits in this market. BriteBanc is also creating an open standard blockchain based KYC/AML system that will be offered to the community for people to instantly complete their identity validation requirements for transactions of all types. This applies to any retail bank, crypto exchange or other account requiring identity validation.